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d r e a m

d r e a m

para siempre
5 December
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Lo esencial es invisible para los ojos solo se ve bien con el corazón.

I'd walk with my people if i could find them.

a closing skyline, a fall farewell, a long winter, a million little pieces, a perfect kiss, a perfect murder, across five aprils, ambry, anatomy of a ghost, autumn, bagels, banana popsicles, bane, bayside, being silly, belts, ben kweller, betweentheburiedandme, bible, blue skies at war, books, bracelets, brand new, brown eyed betrayal, bury your dead, c.s. lewis, cereal, cheese, christ, christianity, church, coffee, coloring books, cream soda, cuddling, cursive, cutting hair, dancing, devotion, dinosaurs, disney, dreamers, dreams, duncan sheik, electric 6, elloitt smith, embrace today, emotion, estalline, evergreen terrance, faith, faiw, fearbeforethemarchofflames, figure four, flip flops, forhericanbeahero, friends, gangstas, giraffes, give up the ghost, god, guitar, haircuts, hands, hardcore, high school, holding hands, hot chocolate, hot hot heat, i have dreams, in loving memory, in rememberance of me, james frey, jesus, jettas, just a summer romance, kisses, kissing, laughing, laughter, lickgoldensky, life, life in pictures, love, love hope and fear, love is red, making out, mandolin, milkshakes, mixtapes, modern life is war, modest mouse, mongolian grill, mountain view, movies, music, nintendo, nodes of ranvier, nora, nothing short of beautiful, odd project, out of season, outkast, passion, photography, poetry, prayer, praying, rain, razzle dazzles, reading, remembering never, revenge of me, road trips, sam, saves the day, screaming, seventh star, shai hulud, shawna, shotgun vegas, shows, singing, snow, starfruit, stars, storms, summer, sunsets, superstitions of the sky, tears from the sky, terror, the ballad reversed, the beach, the bible, the faint, the march of flames, the trinity, throwdown, thunder, too short, underoath, usher, waiting for autumn, winter years, with honor, you and i,